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About the site

Why write about movies?


We want YOU to go to the movies

A good movie can change your life. We’ve experienced it ourselves.

In two hours or less, the cocoon of the theater can transform tired hearts, minds, and ambitions into shimmering, air-borne things.

​But movies are facing tough competition. Fragmented, rapid, free forms of storytelling like TikTok and Instagram Reels are one of the primary forms of media consumption today, and are continuing to grow in popularity. And for all the fun TikTok can deliver, (and boy, can it), its ability to transform, to meaningfully cocoon and rebirth butterflies of the mind, is hindered by the limitations of its form.

​Compared to traditional film, these types of videos result in a much shorter interaction between the artist and the viewer, leaving the creator with an impossible task: capture (and keep) the focus of an audience with a rapidly shrinking attention span and conveying your art or message - all in 5 minutes or less. It's a losing battle. One that movies can do better. 

So, we don’t want traditional movie watching (in the theater, phone off, awake) to die. Not only because storytelling through film is one of the best mechanisms for change we have, but also because we really, really love movie theater butter. The theaters of Seattle, and the stories they help tell, could use some support, a digital drum beat to rouse the people, get them out on a Friday night and put some “BUTTS IN SEATS.”

We’d like to write it. 

This newsletter BUTTS IN SEATS will outwardly be a roundup of all things film in Seattle, while covertly functioning as a promotional vehicle for film-related events, organizations, and individuals in the Seattle area. 

We hope it leaves you inspired, excited, and hungry for popcorn.

Meet the team

McLean Corry

likes comedies

McLean used to sneak off during dinner and not come back. Her parents would find her in front of the TV, "rotting her brain." She still enjoys doing just that, but in a movie theater. Also enjoys: sunsets, teriyaki, and eavesdropping.

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